Friday, January 13, 2012

Kuirky Shoot

I was partying at a club some time around June of last year when I saw this gorgeous, edgy lady partying like a rock star who happened to be a model. I approached her and found out she was my friend's sister and asked her  to do a shoot with me. It was so nice of her to say yes but we had to do it the day after because she had to leave the next day. So I immediately arranged a shoot for her and called my super talented team that I always love to work with. The shoot was so urgent that I didn't even get the chance to pull out outfits for the shoot so I improvised and asked the model to bring her own swimsuits(just in case) and luckily, Jamie Zanoria's fabulous collection of accessories are still with me from the last shoot that I had. Despite the lack of planning, theme, resources, and the rain(so we had to transfer indoors), the shoot went well and the results were stunning. And as always, it was super fun doing the shoot as tequila was served on the side while shooting.

Photographer:                       Alain Arnado
Assistant Photographer:         James Arnado
Stylist:                                   K Miranda
Art Direction:                        K Miranda
                                            Nelia Monet
Hair and Make-up Artist:     Christian Chavez
Model:                                 Melanie Monet
Critics:                                 Jazz Cabusas
                                           Mishel Geda
Clothes:                               stylist's and model's own
Accessories:                        Jamie Zanoria

The shoot was indeed super successful and so fun to do. Thanks to the wonderful and fabulous team I worked with. Here is a sneak peek of how fun doing the shoot was and how insane and drunk we were..ENJOY!

Jam-packed inside Geo's ride, still cracking jokes at each other.

Mojitos and lime juice on the side for added fun and creativity.

Priceless laughter.

Jazz aNd Mishel's battle of the maxi dresses.

Hitting a girl scene(don't do this at home).

Patrona with a bat.

Make-up artist Christian ala Lady Gaga in an improvised costume.

The Kritique Smizing.


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