Wednesday, January 11, 2012


On my spare hours, I usually imagine dresses in my head and sketch them after. I keep those sketches in my archive and look back at them whenever I want to. But I seldom am given the chance to realize my sketches, thanks to my fabulous friends/clients, I got the chance of working my magic and making them look fabulous. Most clothes I created is sketched, sewn and embellished by my own hands. Pardon the amateur work hence I haven't got any formal training in dress design and construction yet.

This is the very first dress that I ever made. Entirely hand-sewn, modern Greek goddess inspired 
empire-waist dress with chain attached to accentuate the figure. Styled by me, worn by Diana Rose Tangub at a school formal function. Classy, Sexy Chic!

This dress is one of my favorite as an unforgettable experience comes with this dress. This was made for Jacqueline Rose de Leon to be worn to their acquaintance party themed "Nurses Day-Off". She told me at her day off, she'd be an L.A. socialite which is clearly reflected in the dress. This was sewn by me using my machine,and embellished(notice the delicate embellishments of beads,rhinestones and sequins) overnight by my own hands. L.A. Socialite indeed!!!

This black, chiffon, backless, embellished dress was custom made for Cherry Jamon. Worn at the eper red and black ball, cherry sure rocked the red carpet and the party. Machine sewn and embellished by me, this dress is made to turn heads and wow people. A real Head-turner and Party-stopper!

My design aesthetic is clearly modern sexy yet classy at the same time. These are just few of my Kreated Koutures, watch out as I feature them in my future entries. Meanwhile, here is a glimpse of my own Kreation made for myself!ENJOY!



  1. infairness... bongga na cya for a beginner... buti nalang wlang theme.. hahaha

  2. hahahah salamat ja!!at nageenjoy tao sa ating mga nagbobonggahang blogs!ang saya lang!!hahahahhaah