Monday, January 09, 2012


OOOollaahhh fashionistas!

What better way to start a blog than to feature the author himself...
I am K Miranda a freelance fashion stylist based in the queen city of the south. My life in fashion started when i was in high school and realized i have this unusual love for clothes and an uncertain will of making it to the industry. And so, i started finding my strengths, i tried designing and making clothes, writing mock editorials, i even tried photography but i ended up realizing my strength is in fashion styling and i am way loving it more than the rest. I am now still working hard to make it big, create a name and credibility,and soon enough be a mogul of  the industry(dream big)...I'll be there soon..I am coming..

My personal style is simple.....on a normal day, you will usually see me wearing a deep V-neck shirt,jeans,sneakers and a satchel bag. but in some occasions, i usually dress up, look fabulous and turn heads.

i wore this at my sister's debut
(biker jacket by james canete, wideleg pants from mossimo, deep v-neck shirt from bench ,mandals from guess and accessories from a bazaar)

i wore this at my friend's party sometime last year and i remember the theme was lady gaga and i was called Adam Lambert

This was taken at a club in Cebu. I usually am seen rockin' bright accessories with neutral outfits.

a reflection of my style...monotone+a splash of color

worn at a shoot somewhere in Makati early in the morning sniffing some frapp..

spotted in the streets of Cebu rockin neutrals with a splash of orange

at a local beach under a very hot sun working my orange shorts and my gold scarf.

This is just a sneak-peak of me, my style, my life and my sanity or insanity(whichever comes first) will see more of me as i feature more of my style in some future posts....see you soon fashionistas as I end this entry with a tip-of-the-iceberg scene of my secret insane life..


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  1. 6th foto reminds me of mader! i love! love! love! ℒ ♥ѵℯ ★‿★