Saturday, January 21, 2012

K practice editorial- Spring/Summer Shopping Guide

Well, it is almost spring/summer and this is the best time to update your closet and shop for spring/summer looks that are right for you. So, as a concerned citizen of the Fashion Republic of the Philippines, I made a list of dos and don'ts in shopping.

1.) Know the key trends for this coming season, research on which trends fit your personality, lifestyle, taste and of course budget. It is best to know which looks are right for you before you go shopping. You don't wanna end up regretting buying a nice dress that you couldn't even wear.

2.) Buy individual pieces that could match any piece that are already in your closet, the more stuff you can pair it with, the better. You are not changing your entire wardrobe, you're just updating it.

3.) Find accessories that are usable and are safe to be paired with your spring/summer looks. Set aside your fear of getting too tacky looking, "the more the merrier" will always be the name of the game. So ACCESSORIZE!!ACCESSORIZE!!ACCESSORIZE!!

4.) If you have a limited budget, try searching for online stores that sell beautiful stuff with cheap if not free shipping. Check the details of the item first before deciding on purchasing it, check the size, material, and condition and of course the price. You don't want to open a shipped item and end up realizing it doesn't fit and paid more than half the price for the shipping.

5.) STEAL the looks, not literally of course but try to look for stuff that you love and try to look for a cheaper equivalent. Research on some looks at the internet perhaps some outfits that a celebrity wore or some blogger's outfit post or looks at Print it out, if not, remember it and try to go to bazaars, mall sales, garage sales, sample sales or even thrift shops and shop the look. Be patient in sorting things out to find the best deals. More satisfaction, less cost.

6.) Make a statement! Create your own look, stick to it, and play with it often. What better way to impress people  than showing them your own style and tagging it as "original". Don't be a slave to trends, infuse your own style and do it your way.

7.) Experiment! Never be safe in dressing up, try to look for unique stuff that you like and make it work. There are no rules on how to dress to impress.

8.) Enjoy! shopping is all about having fun and you. Don't be sad just because you missed out on something, uplift yourself by looking for a better one. Just enjoy the whole experience and do it for your self.

9.) Invest in something that you love best. Perhaps a designer bag or a pair of designer shoes or whatever that you can consider an investment. It will give an different feeling of satisfaction from the inside plus it will last longer.

10.) Be yourself, impress yourself. And as you do it,  you impress others. As mentioned, shopping is all about having fun and you. So shop now!

Anyway, here are some finds I found in the internet. Hope this could help. Enjoy!

 Pastels are a big trend for spring/summer. Found this backless, halter dress at for only 28.90 dollars. A nice way to accentuate your shoulders for a sexy, casual day look.

These sheer shorts are so easy to wear for a day to night look, pair it with flats or heels and statement top or accessories and you are good to go. Found this at for 850 pesos.

These heels are statement-making yet flexible enough to be paired with anything in your closet. Found it at for P2770.00

 This necklace is so beautiful that you could pair it with your basic tee, denim shorts, flats an a nice bag and still rock the summer trends. Found it at for P150.00. And more accessories found at Jhajing Fashion Acessories!

Rings Galore to accentuate your beautiful hands only at

Which is which? lots of choices at


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