Friday, April 13, 2012


I got the privilege to style for an editorial in the Model Issue of Blanc Magazine,  "an online fashion and art magazine dedicated to the underground youth, the vague and the implicit. Put up together by Cebu’s most artistic and experimental young minds, BLANC is the unconventional probe of the Queen City’s distinct chronicles on the latest in fashion, androgyny, art culture and streetstyle. It is the uncovering of Cebu’s rusty side". Titled Zephyr, the editorial tries to depict a new look on how the current print-over-print trend should be done with extreme accessorizing and out of this world styling. Sister rivalry, the story it tries to convey as stylized teen and woman tries to compete with each other fashionwise outrunning each other's trend in the best and craziest way possible.

Model: Barbie Jennifer Trinidad/ Yra Flores

Photography: James Cañete

Styling: Love Yap Nuñéz, K Wamelda Miranda

Make-up: James Cañete  

Fashion: Jhajing Fashion, Jamie Zanoria, Orville Biongcog

Check out Blanc Magazine online and check out their Model issue. 

Special thanks to 

Jhajing Fashion 
#56 Visayas Avenue, Quezon City(beside shell gas station

Jamie Zanoria

James Canete


Monday, March 26, 2012

Annebisyosa Afterparty

Last Friday, I was lucky enough to get access to Anne Curtis' Concert's Exclusive(invites only) Afterparty at Luxxe at Vudu. It was a great party filled with Cebu's media and most fashionable crowd (seeing famed fashion Director Robbie Carmona is an example). Drinks and food were flooding in as the crowd waited for the star of the night, Anne Curtis, to arrive. When she arrived, I was more than glad to see her up close in person for I am a huge Anne Curtis fan. The party was super fun and the food and drinks were great. I love that party!!!!

with Mishel

with Royce and Jazz striking a pose before the party started

with Jazz Modelling!!!hhahhahahahaah
A glimpse of Anne Curtis

Ahhhmazing g-force hair!!
with Georcelle Dapat of Gforce
My one and only blurry :( picture with Anne Curtis

By the way, I was Wearing:
Dress-shirt from Memo
Skirt I made for myself
 Dior Shoes
Thrifted bag


Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Kritiqued- Jennifer Lopez's Vogue US Cover

I was watching American Idol last week when they unveiled Jlo's Vogue April Cover. I was so stunned by it that I immediately felt the need to blog about it, I was busy these past days so i haven't found a time to blog until now.

Jennifer Lopez, gorgeous as she always is, is wearing a red dress from Bottega Veneta with red and gold accessories to match the beautiful dress perfected by an "earth-smoky" eyes(jlo signature)and that luscious pinkish red lips(dont really know the shade).  Shot by Mert and Marcus, the photos are stunningly gorgeous as they again show how glamorous and fun red can be.

Here is a sneak peek of what's inside Vogue's April issue.Gorgeous isn't it?

I think the cover is just Fab, just perfect to top Jlo's previous Vogue cover.  What do you think?


Wednesday, March 07, 2012


"In fashion, you are as good as your last work."

One of the things I've learned from one of the best person I've ever met, Luis Espiritu. I was most of all challenged and inspired to really strive hard and exceed my norms to really excel and love what I'm doing even more the moment I met them nicest people like Luis and the rest of the team(they are too many to mention) in Manila.

Now, I am ready to prove myself and to show the world what I can do and this is just the beginning of it all cause I have all the inspirations and the perspiration to make it big. Long way to go for me.

This shoot I am really proud of because this is a fruit of imagination beyond norms, struggles and hard work. It took me weeks to put this shoot together and make it happen, been turned down by photographers and models several times and been demotivated a lot before I took a deep breather and  made it. Several weeks ago, I promised a good friend of mine,the designer of these lovely accessories, to do a shoot for her and showcase her extraordinary accessories. So i did my best to put a shoot together despite the low budget and less time.

Luckily for me, I  met a very talented photographer(I worked with her for the figura shoot) and introduced me to a stunning model with extraordinary bone structures perfect for the shoot. I then scheduled the shoot the week after and she was so kind to let us use her studio.

Originally, I planned to do this shoot outdoor with sheer dresses and big animals as props but this will just over shadow the magnificent accessories(the star of the shoot) so instead, I  decided to do it with exotic harmful insects and some creatures found in nature. The feel should be a mythical creature wearing stand-out yet wearable accessories dashing with lovely exotic animals. So, I ended up wrapping the hair and eyebrows with mud(thanks to our super multi-talented make-up artist) and less just flawless make-up to really make the accessories the star of the shoot. My main goal was no editing as much as possible should be done and all animals should be caught on wherever position they should be, and with our photographer's amazingness, we made it and guess what, we did it in no time at all. Thanks to the wonderful team especially our model who did it flawlessly making it easier to direct.

Model:                                     Tiara Sison
Photography:                           Barbeth Lobitana
Hair and make-up:                   James Canete
Styling and art direction:           K Miranda

Special thanks to Jamie Zanoria for creating fabulous accessories. Good luck to you!!
and to her goddaughter Angelica who I guess had muscle pain after a long period of carrying the reflector and chasing after the cockroaches:)

I thank you all for making it easier for me to make this possible!!thanks for believing!! hoping to work with you again soon!!:))

I had this taken for fb purposes only!!

creatures from another dimension

the fabulous Jamie Zanoria and me

the best team ever!!(from left) Jamie, me, Tiara, Barbeth, Angelica.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Kritiqued: Roberto Cavalli F/W 2012

Each season I never wanna miss the Roberto Cavalli collection, the brand is known for their chic, sexy, elegant and glamorous animal print dresses. Playing with textures,prints and fabrics, each collection never fails to impress fashion enthusiasts all over the fashion universe. Their show is usually magical that will trigger your senses and makes you think that you are in another world, a world Mr. Cavalli himself creates. I remember the jungle-like show they created for S/S 2011, with big leaves as background, the models gracing the runway felt like pixies and magical creatures in sexy layers. Spectacular indeed.

This year for fall, they did a more playful and fashion forward version of their famed design aesthetic. One of the best collection Cavalli has ever had by far, exceeding their own milestones and setting a new standard for themselves . Opened by Magda Laguinge, in a fur bubble skirt topped by an embellished shirt that almost felt like some jewel toned snakeskin, the show's feel was so outlandish with models gracing the tiger-patterned floral runway and mixed animal prints and patterns visible in the intricate details of each piece put together perfectly to create a statement. Texture is the key trend of this collection, mixing prints with leather, mousseline, sequins and rhinestone embellishments. Also, some breathtaking techniques were seen on the collection like layers of tiers and ruffles, bubble skirts made up of fur that was pieced together like feathers and intricate and dense beading that depicts almost a new kind of reptile skin. The show was closed by Naomi Campbell nonetheless who looked stunning as ever and concluded another spectacular show from Cavalli.

From the moment I landed an eye to the Cavalli collection, I can definitely say this will be a big hit next season. Another must-have collection for fashionistas out there. Here are some pieces from the Cavalli F/W 2012 collection. Enjoy


Naomi Campbell closing the show

The Runway

Roberto Cavalli and Eva Duringer