Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A Beautiful Rebellion

May of last year, before I even went to manila to study fashion styling, I got the nerves to finally organize a shoot where I got the chance to work with three awesome photographers, a very talented make-up artist/hairstylist, four gorgeous models and got the privilege to use some clothes from the very talented James Canete(who came to the shoot and helped me with hair and make up too) accessorized by the creations of the also very talented Jamie Zanoria. It was so nerve wracking that the original plan of doing something like a Gucci Cruise shoot was cancelled due to the terrible weather and improvised another peg just to keep it going(no way i can postpone the shoot).

Photographers: Alain Arnado
                        Archie Uy
                        Paopao Sanchez

Hair and Makeup: Christian Chavez
                             James Canete

Styling and Art direction: K Miranda(yours truly)

Models: James Robert Saniel (Stacy's Xclusive Maschio)
             Ralph Ryan Armas
             Mikee Beltran
             Christina Barth

Clothes: James Canete
             K Miranda(me again)

Accessories: Jamie Zanoria

Here are some behind the scenes of that super fun shoot indeed!

me directing model poses for photo perfection

checking the frames and correcting mistakes

awesome photographers in action

James and Christina perfecting the love scene with Alain Arnado

Raffy and Mikee rocking the frames with Archie Uy

James perfecting his poses with the three photographers

Mikee finding her light as the darkness comes

Here are some of the Final Frames from the shoot!ENJOY!

The shoot went well and i am very happy with the results of my days hard work. Lucky for me i was able to work with a great and talented team....

THE KRITIQUE: "B" for Bongatious Teamwork...with a great and talented team and dedication,one can come up with a geat outcome..

The shoot ended-up with a photo-op with some of the team..and of course with my insanity and modeling skills,I WORKED THE SHOOT!!hahahahahaha



  1. I love the dsigns sa clothes KEVS! Well done! Eg uli nya nko Kevs magpa dsgn nya q og dress nmu,,hehee Jelyn F.

  2. dierce in you my love! ★‿★

  3. hahahahaha!!!hapit najud ka muuili jelyn!!see you soon!!

  4. ka igat nimo bayotttt....you've really evolved awesomely! Chona