Sunday, January 08, 2012

the Kritique

the Kritique is a reflection of what I think, how I feel, what I see,how I see things, and what goes on with me(a reflection of ME)..This is an instrument  to channel my passion for fashion, my eye for style and my unconscious habit of criticizing things(without authority......) this page you will see more of me,what i do and how i do things...this is about ME...this is about FASHION.......

What to expect?
    Well, expect to see a lot of what is current, what is in, what is happening, and of course with what I think about all of wont be named the Kritique for no reason after all...also look forward on seeing what i think about..

the latest trends;

runway shows;

red carpet fashion;

magazine covers;

fashionable parties around town;

street style and personal style;

stores and more fashion!!

MY KRITIQUE: "A" for ABSOLUTE AWESOMENESS...put your paws up FASHIONISTAS!! and be ready for the K Miranda fashion universe domination!!!ciao!

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