Thursday, February 23, 2012

Beating the Summer Heat Figura Way!!

Last week, a friend contacted me and asked if I can style a shoot for his models. I was hesitant at first because one, I didn't have enough time to prepare,two, it was hard to pull out outfits and lastly, I wasn't at all ready and I don't have time given the heck of my new call center job(I need money). But out of mere randomness and extreme passion for fashion and boredom maybe, I asked him to send me pictures of the models and wait 'til I decide and come up with a theme for the shoot, also I asked him who the photographer will be and I was thrilled to know that the photographer is almost as young as I am(just a year older) and accomplished quite well enough and is very promising(way to go for both of us). So, without second thoughts, I said yes to the shoot considering the models are good-looking, young and very promising as well. Spring-summer 2012 trends like prints-over-brights, ab peek-a-boo and the white minimalism trends and sexy androgynous dominate the whole vibe of the shoot while still holding back making it age appropriate and easy to wear considering that we are in the tropics. It was super fun doing the shoot, the whole vibe of the day was just us playing and doing dress-up and taking fun photographs but still professionally done and level of expertise is visible and is possessed by everybody in the shoot. It is really good to work with fun people with same passion, same interests and same ideas most especially same age with same vibe.

Photographer:                         Barbeth Lobitana
Stylist and Art Director:          K Miranda(yours truly)
Hair and make-up artist:         Shyra Quimbi
Models:                                 Kia Villamor(Figura Group of Models)
                                             Ram Termulo(Figura Group of Models)
                                             Paul Abal(Figura Group of Models)
Special thanks to Issa Layaog- owner and creative director of Figura Group of Models.


 Figura Group of Models is a Cebu-based modelling agency found and directed by Issa Layaog. Established less than a year ago, they've already come a long way of proving to be one of the most promising modeling group in Cebu if not in the whole Philippines and the world. Started with more or less six models only, they established a strong foundation and network of connections in the booming modeling and fashion industry in Cebu. Known for their young,wild and free vibe, they booked a lot of campaigns and shows. Today, Figura is composed of more or less twenty models(due to Issa's delicate taste in accepting applicants) and still counting. If you want to contact Figura, you may check out their Facebook Fanpage  or contact Issa at 09224045540.

Anyway, here are some proofs of how fun the shoot went,,ENJOY!!

hair perfection with Kia and Shyra

chika galore before the shoot

Art direction and Issa sampling the pose.

the whole fabulous team



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