Saturday, February 25, 2012

Kritiqued- Prada Fall/Winter 2012-2013 Collection

It's show season again in the Fashion World, so, I decided to search on the web to feel like I'm in the shows and feeling to my spirit that I am part of it, specially big brandsand do my Kritique job also.

Prada, has long been a fashion fore-runner on trends, fresh perspectives, and on what's going to be the "It" each season. Their SS 2011 collection has left a strong appeal on the fashion scene all over the globe, overdoing the norms and bringing a new and unique take on what has to be "the trend" perishing what has to be a "boring" season and dictating several seasons' trends after that. This season, a new take on a modern woman dominated the Prada show, an image of what is said to be "the avatar of fashion's digital age" depicting "virtual princesses" with power and strength to win every fashion battle they're about to face. Armed with extreme style and dressing up in layers of prints,black with enormous jewels in the collars and sleeves, and red and violets all over, Prada's modern woman is ready to conquer the World.

I specifically love the silhouettes and Prada's take on current trends, such as art decos and androgynous dressing. Also the accessories are to die for and a must have for every fearless fashionista out there who of course can afford and is ready to stand out among the rest. Anyway, here is some of Prada's key pieces From their F/W 12-13 collection.. Enjoy!

Prada's Shoes will be a big hit for this year's fall. A must have indeed!



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