Monday, March 26, 2012

Annebisyosa Afterparty

Last Friday, I was lucky enough to get access to Anne Curtis' Concert's Exclusive(invites only) Afterparty at Luxxe at Vudu. It was a great party filled with Cebu's media and most fashionable crowd (seeing famed fashion Director Robbie Carmona is an example). Drinks and food were flooding in as the crowd waited for the star of the night, Anne Curtis, to arrive. When she arrived, I was more than glad to see her up close in person for I am a huge Anne Curtis fan. The party was super fun and the food and drinks were great. I love that party!!!!

with Mishel

with Royce and Jazz striking a pose before the party started

with Jazz Modelling!!!hhahhahahahaah
A glimpse of Anne Curtis

Ahhhmazing g-force hair!!
with Georcelle Dapat of Gforce
My one and only blurry :( picture with Anne Curtis

By the way, I was Wearing:
Dress-shirt from Memo
Skirt I made for myself
 Dior Shoes
Thrifted bag


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